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Wasteland Survivor - WIP

This is a current project I'm working on based around the world of Fallout, it's currently game ready at about 67k Polys and has been implemented into unreal engine. the high poly was created in ZBrush and retopped in 3ds Max. textures are currently being worked on in Substance Painter and photoshop. Using the amazing blood smart material made by Jasper Vick, see it here:
Model skinned and rigged by:
Any advice or guidance with materials and textures would be greatly appreciated, thanks

Harry heywood full body 2

Full body render in UE4

Harry heywood full body 3

second full body render in UE4

Harry heywood full body 1

3rd render experimenting with different lights and moods

Harry heywood deathclaw hand

Deathclaw hand asset for the plinth, rendered in UE4

Harry heywood plinthback

Plinth back angle

Harry heywood plinth 34 angle

Plinth 3/4 view

Harry heywood claws

Deathclaw Zbrush Sculpt

Harry heywood head2

Head zbrush sculpt